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TP 1000 lacquer is a higly advanced product that provides highly durable and matt finish.


The main characteristics:

  • Easy application (by roller or sprayer)
  • UV and light stable 
  • Low viscosity
  • High mechanical and chemical resistance


TP 1000 - Clear Matt Lacquer

SKU: TP1000
Expected to ship Monday 12/05/22
  • Add 1 part of component B to 7 parts of component A and mix well (about 3 minutes).

    Apply to the clean and dry surface with a roller using the crosshatch technique. As the final step, lightly run the roller in one direction to avoid streaks.

    Depending on the desired effect, two layers might be required. Let the base layer dry before applying the next one. You can also apply the product with a spray gun.

    Use the product within 30 minutes of mixing. The layer is dry to the touch after about 2 hours and cures fully in 48 hours.

    Additional safety information is available at the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Techniplast TP1000.

  • The set consists of component A (32oz) and component B (4.77oz) and covers approximately 76 to 114 sq.ft. in one layer.

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