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Introducing TECHNIPLAST 400 UVLS, the transparent epoxy resin with enhanced UV resistance. This technologically-advanced resin has been specifically designed to provide users with excellent chemical and mechanical resistance, an easy application process, and high transparency – making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Perfect for anyone who needs crystal-clear results,


TECHNIPLAST 400 UVLS is solvent-free and has a low viscosity. Additionally, it's equipped with HALS light stabilizers that ensure maximum protection from UV, making it ideal for long-term projects or pieces where durability is required. From jewelry to artwork, floors to glass and carbon fiber laminates - TECHNIPLAST 400 UVLS is here for all your artistic and structural epoxy needs.


Low viscosity: TECHNIPLAST 400 UVLS is easy to apply and has excellent wetting abilities. It's essential when working with wood, laminates, and other intricate materials. 


High transparency: Allows for high transparency in casting, lamination, and artistic works, giving a crisp and clean look.


Solvent-free: TECHNIPLAST 400 UVLS is free of solvents, creating no fumes and VOCs. 


Enhanced resistance to UV: Our unique formulation with UV blocker and HALS light stabilizer provides additional protection against UV radiation.


More information is available at the Technical Data Sheet.

Techniplast 400 UVLS - Clear Epoxy with Enhanced UV Resistance

PriceFrom $36.00
Ships in about a week from the placed order.

    • Epoxy-quartz floor systems
    • As a primer before applying epoxy and polyurethane coatings
    • Binding component for epoxy-quartz screeds
    • Binding component for leveling mortars
    • Glass and carbon fiber laminates
    • Top coats
    • Pours up to 1/4" in one layer
    • Jewelry 
    • Artwork 
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