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TECHNIPLAST 400 NANO is a highly transparent, ultra-glossy, two-component epoxy resin with self-healing properties. Its NANO elements make it highly resistant to permanent dents, while the HALS light stabilizer provides enhanced resistance to light and UV radiation. It has excellent pourability, making it easy to apply. Plus, any minor scratches and dents can be easily polished away.


TECHNIPLAST 400 NANO is suitable for many different uses, from residential floors with a smooth finish to flooring imitating natural marble and top coats on colored flakes and colored sand, decorative countertop finishes, woodworking, and art applications such as dirty pours or flood coats. The possibilities are endless!


Techniplast 400 NANO - Highly Transparent, Ultra Gloss, Self-Healing Epoxy

PriceFrom $60.00
Ships in about a week from the placed order.

    • Residential flooring with a smooth finish
    • Flooring imitating natural marble
    • Top coat on floor prints and concrete floors
    • High-gloss top coat on floors with colored flakes and colored sand
    • Artistic applications: dirty pours, flood coats, etc. 
    • Countertop decorative finish
    • Woodworking - top coats
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